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Format: 18/10/2021

Farmstay in New Zealand - For people aged 18 to 30.

Take a trip to Middle-Earth among the grazing sheep! Go in New Zealand and work in an organic farm with full board and accommodation. 


Farmstay : what is it? 

With farmstay you are sure to live an exotic and amazing experience around the world, closer to the people and the local customs. You will share the daily life of a family, who will provide you lodging and will involve you in its various activities. With free board and lodging, you can save your money to visit the region or the country. In return, you will help your hosts to take care of their farm. 


Working in a farm in New Zealand

Agriculture represents an important sector of the country's economy. New Zealand farms are among the most productive in the world, thanks to the intensive mechanization and the humid and temperate climate, favourable for growing plants. Butter, cheese, meat and wool are some of the main products exported by New Zealanders. 


Here are some examples of activities you might do at the farm: 

  • taking care of the livestock
  • gardening
  • harvesting and fruit picking
  • cutting wood, etc.


During your stay, you will also have the opportunity to admire an exceptional flora and fauna, extremely well preserved. 


You can go for a stroll in the vast national parks and reserves, to see the famous kiwis, as well as deer, ostriches or lizards, and you will follow the footsteps of Bilbo the Hobbit in the golden plains and the gigantic mountains. 


Tip: you can extend your stay in New Zealand with a Working Holiday Program! Once you are more confident in English, your job search will be easier and you can move from the countryside to the city, for a full discovery of the country. 


It is recommended to have a good level of English (B1) to attend to a Farmstay program in New Zealand. 

Participants must have a Working Holiday Visa. Before leaving, make sure you have a passport which is valid 6 months after your return date.


Price: 595€ + 150€ of administrative fee + 23€ of annual individual membership.