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Internship abroad for Erasmus + groups

Our CEI Work Travel and Study teams have found the best solution for Erasmus + groups looking for an internship abroad. Why not doing an internship in Spain ? A very pleasant and sunny setting, cities like Madrid and Valencia that provide the best benefits of great European cities, with a more affordable cost of living... Would you like to have the "Spanish Pot Luck" ? Our teams target the companies whose activities best match your project, university education and English proficiency level.


we accompany you
at every step of the process

  • Register for an internship abroad
    Let yourself be guided by our consultants! Our team of consultants is at your disposal to inform you and to answer all your questions. For online registration, select your program and our team will contact you within 48 hrs to explain the next steps in the procedure.
  • Preparing for your travel abroad
    Depart with complete peace of mind — our teams will support you to prepare your stay abroad. Our team of consultants and our information officers are at your disposal to work with you to define a project and provide solutions.
  • Your travel to Spain
    To ensure safe travel, benefit from a taxi transfer from Madrid's airport to your accommodation.
  • Follow-up and individualised support
    The entire team of CEI is at your disposal throughout your stay. Our success depends on you having an enriching experience and a high quality stay.

Job & Internship

Prepare your job interview
Prepare your job interview! Take a look at our example for a waiter position. There are some possible answers. "My main strengths are that I know how to take orders, how to serve food and drinks and give a good quality customer service, as I did it for over a year in a restaurant, in France. I...


Travel Calendar
Where to go on a trip month after month? When is it the best time to discover the destination of your dreams?If there is one factor that can compromise your trip, it's the weather! Monsoons in Asia, violent typhoons in Central America, heat waves in Oceania... We don't always think about it, but...