Operational internship in London

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Operational internship in London


Ideal for candidates in their early stages of higher education with knowledge of English.

Any registration for a stay between 23/12/2019 and 02/01/2020 can not be validated. Only programs starting before 23/12/2019 and from 03/01/2020 will be insured. Each registration that occurs during this period will either be refunded or rescheduled.


Operational internship in London

Our Operational Internship option guarantees you a work placement of a minimum of 4 weeks (no time limit). Ideal for candidates in their early stages of higher education with knowledge of English.

This internship in English gives you an abroad  experience within an English-speaking company so that you can immerse yourself on a daily basis into a new company culture, acquire new skills, with concrete projects and polish your language skills.

What does the Operational Internship option in London option entail?

Once you have pre-registered online, an internship consultant who deals with placements abroad will get in touch with you within 48 hours to set up a Skype interview. This interview will have 2 main functions.

Your selection interview

1) Discuss the feasibility of your project

Our consultant will examine your professional experiences as well as your academic background in order to adapt our search to your wishes and your profile.

Together, we will detail the roles that you wish you carry out during your internship. CEI London attaches great importance to the needs and requirements of our participants. 

2) Carry out an advanced assessment of your profile

Our experienced consultants will be able to assess the quality, assets and noteworthy aspects of your professional profile in comparison with the demands of professionals in your desired environment. We will assess your level of English to find the right balance between your experiences, your language level and the requirements of our partner companies


Enhancement of your CV

Your CV will be fully enhanced thanks to the expertise of our consultants. Sent to our partner employers, it will then be sent back to you so that you can prepare well for your interview and see the corrections made.  


Prospecting and placement

Our team will take care of the search for your internship until your placement is secured. It will negotiate for you the interviews and internship conditions.

Regular monitoring will be covered to keep you abreast of the progress of our efforts. 


Coaching and advice

When we secure an interview with our partner companies, we will contact you to prepare you before each interview. We will present to you in detail the internship offer, the partner and the language to adopt to increase your chances of quickly finding an internship abroad. 


Monitoting of your stay

The CEI is proud to offer personalised support after you have obtained your internship. The person who carried out your placement will be your contact and will be available to answer your questions and offer solutions throughout your stay.

Proposed fields of activity

  • Accountancy
  • Administration
  • Architecture
  • Audiovisual
  • Communication, Media
  • Computing IT, Web development, Web design
  • Construction
  • Design & Creative, Fashion
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Events
  • Financial Services & Insurance
  • Human Resources
  • Import/Export
  • Legal
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Property Development
  • Sales/Customer Service
  • Secreterial & PA
  • Tourism - Hospitality – Catering
  • Trade
  • Hairdressing, Aesthetics

Testimony of Mark Peacock Employer - Brandnation

Discover the interview of Mark Peacock, one of our employers in London and Creative Director at Brandnation. You too, go to London for a guaranteed Operational internship !

Employer - Brandnation