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Format: 18/10/2021

Working Holiday Program in Australia - For people aged 18 to 30.

Take a break in your study or your professional life to travel, rediscover nature and get to know yourself. More and more youngsters, students or professionals ambark on this adventure thanks to the Working Holiday Visa


Working Holiday Visa: What is it?

The Working Holiday Visa offers a unique opportunity to travel the world freely and at an affordable cost. You can choose:

  • The length of your stay
  • Your destination

We help you find a job on site to finance your stay. 


Interested? Try the Australian experience!

5 good reasons to choose Australia for your WHP: 

1. The weather

With the sun shining all year round, paradis beaches and surfers, it is not surprising that Australia is the most popular destination amoung youngsters. This surfers' and divers' heaven is also the perfect destination for a road trip in solo or with friends. Only one recommendation: don't forget to include a tube of sunscreen in your luggage.

2. The warmth and hospitality of the local population

The sun is also present in the heart of Australian people, who will welcome you with open arms. You will quickly adopt the national motto: "no worries". This life philosophy sums up well the relaxed personality of Australians. But the inhabitants also like to celebrate and partymany festivals are organised all year-round, they will have you dance until the end of the night. 

3. The variety of landscapes

Australia is the ideal destination for wide open spaces lovers, but not only: this land of contrasts hosts a multitude of very different landscapes: from the northern forests to the Outback red plains, through the Great Barried Reef, beaches, islands and big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane, your trips can follow one another but not look the same. 

4. The unique fauna

Besides Australian people and foreign tourists, you will also meet kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, wombats or possums, just to name a few of the numrous animal species living in the country.

5. A favourable employment market

Australia is one of the most accessible countries for backpackers from all over the world. Why? Because it is very easy to find a job for a short periode without professional experience. You won't struggle to find an activity that suits you, and you will be able to switch easily between activities according to your trips.  


In short : Australia is the perfect destination if you have an adventurer soul and if the main objective of your WHP is to explore, go out of your comfort zone while improving your English. 


It is recommended to have a good level of English (B1) to attend to a WHP in Australia.

Before leaving, make sure you have a passport which is valid 6 months after your return date.


Price: 345€ + 150€ of administrative fee + 23€ of annual individual membership.