en Islande


Découvrez l'Islande tout en travaillant

Venez découvrir cette île mystérieuse située à la limite du cercle polaire. Volcans, glaciers, champs de lave... parcourez des paysages splendides et financez votre séjour en travaillant !


Job & Internship

Prepare your job interview
Take a look at our example for a waiter position: some possible answers"My main strengths are that I know how to take orders, how to serve food and drinks and give a good quality customer service, as I did it for over a year at*** Restaurant, in France. I was a Waiter in this restaurant, part of a...


The CEI Work, Travel and Study reveals its brand new internship programs in London and Dublin !With 30 years of expertise in internship placements in London and 15 in Dublin, our expert consultants are aware of the diversity of the profiles and care a lot about their candidates satisfaction. This...