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Summer camp job in the UK
Find a job in a summer camp in England and Scottland: work being housed, fed and clothed, in an international atmosphere!
Apply now to leave until november.


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    Our team of experienced consultants is at your disposal to provide information and to answer all your questions. Whether you have troubles using our website or you are looking for further information on our job offers, let us guide you! To register, it is very simple: once you have selected your product, our team will contact you within 48 hours to explain you how to proceed next.
  • Prepare for your trip abroad
    We accompany you in every step of your trip preparation. Our consultants are available to help you choose the best options and find solutions. Besides, our specialised consultants can help you define your project through a one-to-one personalised meeting in our London offices, planning your trip from the time of departure to your arrival on site until your way back.
  • Travelling in England or Scotland
    For a safe journey and relaxed arrival, the CEI team will assist you since your arrival, organising your transfert from the airport to your host city.
  • On site
    At the very heart of London, our offices are easily accessible and ensure assistance on site. Our team, made up of Frenchspeaking and experienced consultants, will welcome you and accompany you throughout your stay. Themselves being expatriates, they know how to help you and make the most of your stay in London.

Job & Internship

Prepare your job interview
Take a look at our example for a waiter position: some possible answers"My main strengths are that I know how to take orders, how to serve food and drinks and give a good quality customer service, as I did it for over a year at*** Restaurant, in France. I was a Waiter in this restaurant, part of a...


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Are you looking for candidates for a job position, an internship, or both? Save time and money,the CEI has the free-of-charge answer for your recruitment:all year round,skilled candidatesundergoing training,with personality and experience. OUR MISSIONS:Contributing to...