Top 10 problems the French meet when learning English

Some languages may look more difficult to learn than English, like Chinese or Dutch. However it's not because English is one of the most spoken languages in the world that everyone can speak it perfectly. For us, French people learning English, we all already have had a hard time once in our lives when we have to put our English courses into practice. Who said that learning English was easy? Well, if we look at this top 10, not us... 


1. When we understand that there is no logic in the pronunciation of English words. Absolutely NO logic.

no logic britney spears confused


2. When we boast about ordering in English in a restaurant, but we never understand the next questions.

dog slalom fail


3. When we change the language of settings on our devices, and later struggle to modify parameters.

cat stuck box back legs tail


4. When our " linguistic camouflage"technique, consisting in trying to guess what the question is about and hoping to answer well randomly, is far from being good. 

cat running machine fail


5. When we are using a software for learning English and have to repeat aloud new words... but it doesn't understand what we are saying, because we can't pronounce the letter "h" like a true English speaker.



6. When we are using the sadly famous "false friends", because we think that they are the same.

jennifer lawrence oops


7. When we go out of the hairdresser's with a quirky hair cut/hair colour whereas we just meant "We only cut ends".



8. When we realize that irregular verbs (our nightmare during high school) change according to countries, like spelt in the UK which is spelled in the USA.

yellow minion surprised what


9. When our best friend, who begun learning English later than us, can speak with a better accent than ours.

jealous woman purple scorn


10. When we watch South Park without subtitles. Indeed, WITHOUT subtitles.

jack sparrow confused staring running

But at the CEI, everyone can improve his English level and fully enjoy his stay abroad thanks to English courses programmes in a language school in London or in Dublin So we can pronounce the letter "h" correctly at last :)