How to make new friends abroad?

Coming to an unknown city and making his marks may seem like an adventure. The first weeks, sometimes complicated, fill us with memories that we think back to with a smile on our face a few years later, but that we would like to share with friends while we live them! However, meeting new people in a city we don't know anything about isn't always easy. Here are some tips for meeting people abroad and maybe finding friends for life.


First of all, choose to be accommodated in a shared room with young adults, or in a student residence. You will share your first experiences abroad with roommates who have just arrived in town like you, or with locals who will be delighted to make you discover the culture of the country!


Discovering a city is also an opportunity to try new activities. Very often, different organizations offer you to participate in free guided tours of the city. Taking a cooking or music class is also a great way to meet people who share your interests.


Become regular somewhere! Wheter it's at the library, the gym or the café in your neighborhood, going there regularly will make you feel part of a community. You will come across the same faces several times, the opportunity to start knowing each other!


Meet new people by joining activity groups on themes that concern you! To participate in sports, cultural or artistic activities in group, join Social Groups like Meet Up or Thinking Bob.


These few tips will allow you to make new friends abroad and discover your destination in a different way!

How to make new friends abroad?