Destination Language Stays

The Perks of Doing a Language Stay ?

Mastering foreign languages is more than ever a must in a globalised labour market. Yet it is difficult to find time to improve your level of English or Spanish once you have entered the world of work. However, this market is highly competitive, and a great language proficiency differentiates your resume from others and tips the scales in your favour. In that way, language stays represent a great way of improving your mastery of languages (almost) effortlessly. Indeed, doing a language stay is not only meant to learn or improve a foreign language, but it also enables you to immerse yourself in a new culture, be closer to locals and make yourself new friends, meet new people and live unforgettable holidays... to have a real change of scenery in a nutshell! A language stay also ensures a more efficient improvement of your language proficiency with high-quality courses available to all profiles and language levels.

Destination language and Professional Career

Who said that language stays are for children only? Be lucky, grown-ups! Our CEI teams have found customized solutions especially for you, to go abroad and be in total immersion.

English Courses and Accomodations

The CEI has many partnerships with high-quality schools accredited by the British Council in London and Dublin, so you can benefit from options that perfectly suits your needs and budget. Making progress has never been so easy! All you have to do is choose the number of hours, rythm and content of your courses (general English, business English, conversations, exam preparations..) delivered by exclusively English-speaking teachers.

Let yourself be guided by our teams to find an accomodation in London or Dublin for your stay.

Take a look at our accomodation options for London and Dublin.

Jobs and Internships Abroad

Need to refresh your English level? The CEI has also thought about those who wish to fully enjoy their professional experience abroad, with options including English courses before starting working, a guaranteed placement in a company,  and an accomodation for the first weeks of your stay.

Discover our options for England, Scotland and Ireland.

Keep in mind that a professional experience in England, Scotland or Ireland will prove your adaptibility and open-mindedness, such a crucial asset to highlight in your resume for your future recruiters!

Language Stays : Valuable Tourism

Ecotourism and Volunteering Abroad

Why not going off out of the beaten path for your language stays? Take the opportunity to go and live unique experiences in total immersion thanks to the CEI Ecotourism and Volunteering options: Farmstay or ranchstay in Canada, Australia or New-Zealand, participating in sustainable projects in Thailand or India... There is plenty of choice to wider your horizons! Besides it is for good causes, like preserving elephants in Thailand or helping in the development of an organic farm in India! :-)

Supervising Language Stays : working as a seasonal host

Why not coming to a summer camp in England or Scotland to work? The CEI summer camp job programme enables young people aged 18 and over to be part of a multicultural team. You will be fully lodged and boarded and you will benefit from a one week detailed practical training. Enjoying summer at little expense and enhancing your resume at the same time, such a great way to live a guaranteed unforgettable experience in total immersion!


Now, no more excuses for not enjoying great holidays and boosting your professional career! You wouldn't think so, but it always works! ;-)