Find your airline ticket at the best price

It's decided: you go on a trip! As part of your studies, your professional career or to live an unforgettable experience abroad, you decided to take the plunge. You have already selected your destination and you know when you want to leave? You only have one thing left to do: take your airplane ticket. A step that can be a real headache. Here are some tips to help you find your airplane ticket at the best price!


Wait for the best time to buy your airline ticket

We are sometimes tempted to book our plane ticket as soon as possible. If the rates seem interesting, it's better sometimes to wait!

Thus, according to studies conducted by Skyscanner, the price of an airline ticket is lower if it's booked at 5am. At this time, airlines update their flights and availabilities. However, it's advisable to avoid booking a flight between 7pm and 10pm.

Remember to book your plane ticket in the off-season! Rates become very much higher during school holidays. At Christmas for instance, prices are sometimes multiplied by five!

However, don't wait too long to book your plane ticket. If you are departing from Paris to worldwide destinations, it's best to book it 5 months in advance. That's when you will find the best price.


Use private navigation

Algorithms have been developed to record your searches on your search engine. Thus, algorithms understand that if you do the same research several times, it's that you are very likely to buy these tickets! From your second search, the company then displays, just for you, a higher price. And the result is unstoppable: it makes you purchase! Remember to always use private browsing and clear the cache of your search engine so that cookies aren't loaded.


Use flights comparators without affiliation

When we search for our airline ticket online, we tend to go to the first travel comparators that are offered by our search engine. It's sometimes a mistake! Some websites belong to or work with airlines. Their offers aren't without bias.

It's advisable to use flights comparators non-affiliated with airlines. Remember to check multiple websites when booking! Prices may vary: it would be a pity to miss out a more interesting offer.


Fly with low-cost companies from and to secondary airports

Most major cities have a smaller secondary airport. It's at this airport that most low-cost flights land. This is a very good alternative to standard airline flights when possible. If their services are very limited, these low-cost flights save you money. Remember to check how far from your final destination the airport is. Sometimes, transportation from the airport can make the total cost of your travel more expensive than a regular ticket.


Benefit from lat minute flights at broken prices

If last minute flights are usually expensive, it's possible to do good business especially if an airline seeks to get rid of unsold tickets within hours of departure. A gamble that can save you a lot!


These small tips allow you to find your airplane tickets at the best price, and so to start your journey in the best way!

Find your airline ticket at the best price