Mastering the English language, a prerequisite for some formations

Nowadays, a skill is important to recruiters: fluency in English. The language of Shakespeare has become almost inseparable from the professional world. What are the professions involved? Here is a small overview of the formations that require a good level of English.


Engineering & Architecture

Whether you want to become an engineer or an architect, fluency in English, both oral and written, is essential. Indeed, these jobs are brought to exchange with teams, suppliers or subsidiaries that are based abroad or that are part of international groups.



Journalism is a training that has a great success with students. The mastery of the language of Shakespeare is a skill that is required at the time of their professional insertion. Indeed, English is recognized as the international language. Understanding and speaking it is a real asset for a journalist who wants to report abroad or cover events of international importance.



Of course, all jobs related to the field of sales don't require perfect command of the English language. However, it is a branch for which this skill is particularly important: luxury. Business(wo)men working in the luxury field must have an excellent level of English, in order to be able to exchange and advise their mainly international clientele.


Politics & Humanitarian

If you want to get a position within a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) or join a political group, it is strongly recommended, if not essential, to have a good level of English. And for good reasons: these jobs are carried out within the framework of projects and missions with an international aim.



You are interested in the field of events, and you want to make it your professional project? To integrate this formation, it is recommended to master the English language. Indeed, a good project manager is primarily a good communicator! More than just an intermediary between the organizers and the subcontractors, he approaches the potential international partner companies and manages all the collaborators. To have a good level of English is essential to be understood: the success of the event depends on it!


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Mastering the English language, a prerequisite for some formations