Combining sport and discovery while traveling

You are planning to go abroad for a longer or shorter stay, or maybe you are already on-site? Whether you are a seasoned athlete or an occasional sports(wo)man, the question of practicing a physical activity must have arisen. Going on a trip isn't a reason to put aside your good habits! Your stay abroad is an opportunity to continue to practice sports and try new disciplines, specific to the local culture. We give you some tips to combine sport and discovery on a trip!


Combining sport and discovery downtown

The list of must-visit cities continues to grow. Destinations acclaimed by expatriates, metropolises are famous for their international openness and their multiculturalism. Any stay abroad is punctuated by an essential step, that of the visit. And if it was justly what allows you to combine discovery and physical activity?

To combine sport and discovery in the city, nothing simpler: you have to walk! Indeed, visiting the city by foot allows you to discover every nook and cranny, while practicing sport! As soon as you can, forget taxis and explore the city as you wander through the maze of streets. Healthy for the body, respectful of the environment, walking allows you to discover the city at your own pace. A good way to soak up the local culture, by meeting the inhabitants. And for seasoned athletes, why not trying to go for a run in the parks, like Hyde Park in London?

Downtown, cycling is also a great way to combine sport and discovery. Most major cities have bike lanes for safe riding. Cycling allows you to progress at your own pace and to stop whenever you want: an appreciable freedom when traveling. Finding a bike is easy: find out about bike rental shops nearby, or self-service bicycle systems.


Combining sport and discovery in nature

In the heart of the Irish countryside, on the Australian beaches or on the flanks of Machu Picchu in Peru... The wide-open spaces offer a multitude of possibilities to practice a sport activity. A good compromise between sport and cultural immersion! Discover fabulous landscapes by hiking or mountain biking. Walk along trails and be amazed by the beauty of the scenery. Walking, running or cycling allow you to progress at your own pace while enjoying the landscapes. Activities geared towards slow tourism!

And for the most intrepid, let yourself be tempted by more extreme sport activities, such as rafting, climbing or canyoning. Moments full of sensations, in nature!


Discovering the local sport

Some physical activities are universal: running, cycling, walking... But going abroad is also an opportunity to discover new sports, rooted in the local culture! Learn Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, during your stay in Thailand, and discover the secrets of Haka, the ritual performed by the rugby players in New Zealand before their matches. Immersion guaranteed!


Traveling shouldn't be a hindrance to the practice of a sport activity. On the contrary! Your experience abroad is an opportunity to discover new horizons, new cultures, while taking care of your body, whatever the destination and the duration of your stay are.

Combining sport and discovery while traveling