The 5 Best Travel Movies

Road movies, lost paradises, wide-open spaces... Movies are an inexhaustible source of exceptional scenery and breathtaking landscapes. Who has never dreamed awake in front of a movie, as transported abroad for a few moments? Here are 5 movies to inspire you to travel the world!


Into the Wild (2007, Sean Penn)

"Into the Wild" is a road movie that crosses the wilderness of the American West, from the Grand Canyon to the hot deserts, through the Gulf of Mexico, to finish its race on the edge of civilization, in forest landscapes and snowy Alaska. It's here, in an old abandoned school bus, that Christopher McCandless fulfills his desire to survive in the wilderness. Based on a true story, this movie tells the epic of a young American in search of total freedom. Graduated, Christopher decides to tackle everything and leaves on a whim. Throughout his journey, he makes endearing encounters and crosses grandiose landscapes.


Into the Wild, Sean Penn



The Big Blue (1989, Luc Besson)

This movie was shot, for most of the scenes, in Amorgos. This Cycladic island has an intense dark blue sea. The contrast of the azure water and the white cliff-side houses is all the charm of this typical setting, full of stories and ancient myths. More than 30 years after its release in cinemas, "The Big Blue" continues to fascinate. Discover the Greek islands and the Aegan Sea with this movie that is both historical and contemplative.


The Big Blue, Luc Besson



Diarios de motocicleta (2004, Walter Salles)

This beautiful movie by Walter Salles tells the mythical journey on motocycle that Che Guevara made with his friend after his medical studies. The movie is a succession of beautiful landscapes and meetings in South America. Discover through the different stages of the movie "Diarios de motocicleta" the magnificient landscapes of Argentina, Chile and Peru! The director invites us to discover these sublime countries with his movie, adapted from Che's memories.


Diarios de motocicleta, Walter Salles



A Straight Story (1999, David Lynch)

"A Straight Story" tells the story of a man of about 80 who decides to reconcile with his brother and join him on his lawnmower while he lives hundreds of kilometers away. This movie, inspired by the true story of Alvin Straight, is punctuated by the 5km/h of the lawnmower: we see the world in a different way, we pay attention to details that become important. We accompany the main character throughout his journey through midwestern landscapes.


A Straight Story, David Lynch



Wild (2014, Jean-Marc Vallée)

The movie "Wild" tells the true story of a woman who goes hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail to rebuild herself. This road movie puts nature in the spotlight and makes us discover the landscapes of the American West. The majority of the scenes were shot in Oregon as well as in the Mojave desert, in California. An invitation to travel!


Wild, Jean-Marc Vallée



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The 5 Best Travel Movies