5 cult movies shot in London

A must-see fall event, BFI London Film Festival is back this year for its 63rd edition. From October 2nd to 13th, in the heart of London, movie lovers gather to celebrate English movies. But did you know that the British capital, with its historical monuments and its singular setting, is a city acclaimed by the greatest directors? Here is a small overview of 5 movies shot in London!


The Harry Potter Saga

A global phenomenon, the Harry Potter Saga was a resounding success. Several directors have followed one another to film the adventures of the Hogwarts student. And, despite these changes of artistic direction, it has remained an undisputed fact: the British capital is a framework of choice! The 8 movies of the Harry Potter Saga have mostly found their cradle in the Warner Bros Studios, but also, and especially, in the city of London. Thus, we note that several scenes take place in the walls of the city, including Piccadilly Circus, Leadenhall Market or Kings Cross Station. For our youngest fans, there is even a colony and a linguistic stay including visits on this theme.


5 cult movies shot in London - Harry Potter



The King's Speech, Tom Hooper

This Oscar-winning movie by Tom Hooper received a triumphant return to its release. The performance of the main actor, Colin Firth, is masterful. This historical drama tells the story of Prince Albert; in 1930, the youngest son of the royal family was entrusted with the reins of the kingdom, but was terrified of speaking in public because of his stuttering problem. And what other shooting location than London to make this movie? The British capital, with its history and culture, occupies a very important place in this movie. Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace or 10 Downing Street are some of the mythical places in this no less extraordinary movie.


5 cult movies shot in London - The King's Speech



Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan

Batman in London? You might be surprised! The Batman Saga movies take place in Gotham, a fictional city in the United States of America. Christopher Nolan has also respected this point by shooting his two famous movies about this masked hero in the city of Chicago. However - and that's what makes the originality of the director - although the facade of the courts of Gotham are represented by the Jewelers of Chicago, the interior was shot in the Senate House, an university located in Bloomsbury, in London.


5 cult movies shot in London - Batman Begins



A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick

How not to speak about Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, Clockwork Orange? This movie, even before being finished, made talk about it for its violence. The subject was so disturbing that Stanley Kubrick was banned from continuing filming on US soil. Of course, this didn't stop the director who then came to England, and more precisely to London, known for its tolerance. A Clockwork Orange was thus completed in the British capital, and in particular in the district of Thamesmead.


5 cult movies shot in London - Clockwork Orange



The James Bond Saga

James Bond is an iconic London figure. With the headquarters of MI6 on the banks of the Thames, or the home of M on Cadogan Square, the British capital is inseparable from the universe of Agent 007. Most of the scenes of the Skyfall movie were shot in London. The director, Sam Mendes, had the extreme privilege of counting the Queen of England among his actors. Royal!


5 cult movies shot in London - James Bond



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5 cult movies shot in London