Summer camp job in the UK

Full-time job

Your stay:
800,00 €

Earn £400 minimum per month

Work 4 months in the UK, being housed, fed and clothed!

Working as part of a multicultural team in the UK or in Scotland

Enjoy a unique experience: be part of a multicultural team in the United Kingdom and work with children and teenagers from different nationalities. Thanks to an exclusive partnership agreement, the CEI enables students aged 18 or over to work in a British summer camp. More than a simple job, this experience will help you to evolve personally and gain self-confidence! Check the job opportunities in our 12 summer camps across 7 regions of the UK (Scotland, North West, East Midlands, West Midlands, Wales, South East and South West).  

Improve your English

  • Between April/May and August, discover the exceptional setting of a UK summer camp!
  • You will work in the middle of nature, and will have access to many exciting attractions, available to all the young people in the camp.

How to apply?

Please find below the eligibility requirements:

  • Applicant's availability: 4 months minimum
  • Required English level: B1 to C1 - depending on the job chosen (to find out your English level, carry out a free test on our website)
  • The applicant must be on age and have European citizenship

Interview and placement

  • Our consultant will contact you within 48 hours to get some insight of your professional background and assess your language skills, before confronting them to our partner's expectations.
  • You will be given an answer within the next 72 opening hours after your interview.
  • We will send you your work contract before your departure.

Running of the UK summer camp program

The nice atmosphere and the many opportunities over there provide assurance of a memorable and unique experience!

  • On your arrival at the summer camp, you will receive your work clothes and planning.
  • You will be provided with a training session along with the team prior to the start of the camp.

As the camps are spread throughout the United-Kingdom and Scotland, you will have the opportunity to travel to nearby cities if you wish. 

Job in the UK: positions proposed

4 types of jobs are offered. For further details, take a look at the job descriptions below:

  • Catering assistant 
  • Retail assistant 
  • Housekeeping assistant 
  • Assistant-chef / Assistant-cook

Proposed fields of activity

  • Sales
  • Hotel - Catering