Operational Internship and 4 weeks accommodation

Full-time internship

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Format: 05/07/2020

Operational Internship + 4 weeks accommodation

For an organised stay, opt for our Operational Internship and accommodation!

Operational Internship and accommodation in Dublin

With our Operational Internship and 4 weeks accommodation, choose one our available options from host families and flatshares for a stress-free arrival! The operational internship is aimed at students in the early stages of their university courses with a B1 level of English for a minimum duration of one month.

How the Operational Internship and accommodation option works

We will contact you as soon as we receive your online application to discuss your plans to come and work in Dublin.

Your selection interview

1) Discuss the feasibility of your project

During a Skype interview, we will establish together which area of work best corresponds to you depending on your training, your different experiences in the world of worl and the type of role which interests you.

2) Carry out an advanced assessment of your profile

Our interview will allow us to study in detail your career and to identify the key strengths to highlight to our partner companies. We will together determine following the assessment of your professional and language skills which internship is best for your profile. 


Enhancement of your CV

Our package includes the translation and enhancement of your CV to provide you with a comprehensive service and find you an internship as quickly and effectively as possible. 


Prospecting and placement

Our extensive company partner network allows us to find an internship in line with each candidate's profile. Once we have selected the employers, we will organise for you the interviews and will negotiate the terms of your internship according to your availabilities.


Coaching and advice

To ensure you are successful in your interview and to reassure you, we will train you on the company and advise you on the points to highlight when you talk. You will also receive support from our team which will guarantee your internship placement. 


Monitoring of your stay

We will call you regularly during your internship to find out how you are feeling and to help you where necessary. Your designated internship consultant will be available and at your disposal before, during and after your stay so that you get the most from the experience.

Proposed fields of activity

  • Engineering
  • Computing IT, Web development, Web design
  • Property Development
  • Logistics
  • Import/Export
  • Marketing
  • Tourism - Hospitality – Catering
  • Sales/Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Education
  • Events
  • Secreterial & PA
  • Design & Creative, Fashion
  • Architecture
  • Administration
  • Audiovisual
  • Trade
  • Legal
  • Construction
  • Accountancy
  • Communication, Media
  • Financial Services & Insurance