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Format: 05/07/2020

All inclusive Operational Internship in Dublin

Operational Internship + 1 week English courses + 8 weeks accommodation

What does the All Inclusive Operational Internship in Dublin option entail?

Build a real professional background with the All Inclusive Operational Internship! Perfect for students in the early stages of their higher education with a pre-intermediate level of English, this option guarantees you an internship in Dublin in of the proposed areas of work with roles of responsibility. Your arrival in the accommodation of your choice with one week of English classes will allow you to easily adapt to your new environment.

1 week's English course at the start of your experience

Your week of English classes before your internship starts will be in the form of 15 hours of semi-intensive morning classes so that toy can enjoy your afternoons and, of course, improve your English in one of our British Council accredited schools.

8 weeks' accommodation and a stress-free stay guaranteed

8 weeks accommodation of your choice (flatshare or host family) will be booked in your name on arrival: what more could you need for a stres-free start?


How your All-Inclusive Operational Internship works

We will contact you within 48 hours of your pre-registration on your programme. We will explain how it works and will organise a personality interview.


Your selection interview

1) Discuss the feasibility of your project

Our telephone conversation will help us to define together your expectations and their feasibility compared with those of the employers and the current job market.

2) Carry out an advanced assessment of your profile

One of our expert consultants will go through your CV and your file with a fine-toothed comb to find out the guidelines of your career and offer you a customised plan!


Enhancement of your CV

We will enhance your CV with a layout adapted to English criteria and will send you its final translation so that you can learn any new English terms before your interview.


Prospecting and placement

We will begin the search for your internship based on your arrival and departure dates, expectations and the requirements of your university. You will be quickly contacted for job interviews with our employers that we will arrange for you (date and time). We have established a real relationship of trust with our partners, enabling us to negotiate with them your internship conditions and your possible financial compensation.


Coaching and advice

Your designated consultant will coach you before each interview: tips and useful information while you will be provided before the big day so you can shine during the interview!


Monitoring of your stay

Throughout your internship, your designated consultant will check up on you to ensure your stay corresponds to your expectations and that you are not disappointed!

Proposed fields of activity

  • Engineering
  • Computing IT, Web development, Web design
  • Property Development
  • Logistics
  • Import/Export
  • Marketing
  • Tourism - Hospitality – Catering
  • Sales/Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Education
  • Events
  • Secreterial & PA
  • Design & Creative, Fashion
  • Architecture
  • Administration
  • Audiovisual
  • Trade
  • Legal
  • Construction
  • Accountancy
  • Communication, Media
  • Financial Services & Insurance