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Discover our all year round cultural programs in France for closed groups, juniors and adults.

Our tailor-made programs are specially designed to meet the specific needs of groups.

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Prepare your job interview
Prepare your job interview! Take a look at our example for a waiter position. There are some possible answers. "My main strengths are that I know how to take orders, how to serve food and drinks and give a good quality customer service, as I did it for over a year in a restaurant, in France. I...


Discover 5 fun facts about London!
No matter if you are a tourist or a Londoner, we all want to impress our friends with our endless knowledge and excellent sense of humour! Here are 5 fun facts about London for you to shine among your peers! 1. Underneath the Cleopatra's Needle on the Embankment, there's a time capsule from...