Do an internship in Europe with the CEI Work, Travel & Study with the European Erasmus+ program.


For 30 years, the CEI teams have been supporting professional mobility projects in Ireland, Spain, Malta... under the Erasmus+ program.


Who can do an Erasmus+ internship?

Launched in 1987, the Erasmus+ program is intended for all students, teachers and staff of higher education institutions (universities and colleges).


In 2018, our French-speaking teams supervised and placed in Ireland, Spain and Malta, 70 groups and more than 1,200 youn people from 17 years old, coming from vocational high schools, local missions, rural family houses, schools and various educational structures in France.


Leaving with the CEI as part of an Erasmus+ mobility is:

  • the assurance of an expertise in internship placement
  • a network of partner companies
  • perfect knowledge of the field
  • great flexibility

We can adapt to the needs and requests of each group, to advise you in the accomplishment of your project and offer you a personalized follow-up before and during your stay.


What services does the CEI offer?

The CEI offers a management of your mobility project from A to Z, in close connection with mobility referents, supervisors and teachers.


Before the departure:

  • Help in editing and updating your resume
  • Analysis of mobility projects (candidate profile, standards, specifications and partnership agreement)
  • Individual interview
  • Selection of host companies


During the internship:

  • Guaranteed internship placement
  • Accommodation with a host family, roommates or in a youth hostel
  • Services+: transport card, cultural visits, transfer, plane/train ticket, English courses
  • Individual and collective follow-up


After the internship:

  • Follow-up of the administrative documents of the mobility (document of attendance, Europass, tripartite internship agreement)
  • Satisfaction survey