The guarantees of the CEI Work, Travel & Study

The guarantees of the CEI Work, Travel & Study

Going abroad with the CEI: what guarantees for my stay? The CEI Work, Travel & Study is a company with 35 years of experience in internship and job placement. With an undeniable know-how, the CEI is recognized for the quality of its programs by several organizations and institutions.


Here are 3 good reasons to trust the CEI for your international mobility projects:


1. The Quality Label of the Office, the guarantee of the linguistic stays (jobs & internships)

The CEI is one of the organizations certified by the Office, which is the reference in the field of linguistic stays and job/internship programs abroad. With the support of the French Ministry in charge of Youth, the Office selects the best organizations according to the criteria of its Quality Contract, elaborated with the parents of students' federations, as well as associations of consumers.


Thus, the CEI undertakes to offer stays in accordance with all the criteria of the Quality Contract of the Office:

  • Candidate verification + language level assessment
  • Pre-interview to guide the candidate on a suitable job profile
  • Communication of information for each formula and delivery to the participant of the special conditions relating to the internship/job (agreement/contract, remuneration/indemnity, duration)
  • Administrative assistance on-site during the stay
  • Follow-up interviews throughout the stay
  • If applicable, submission of the documents required for obtaining a visa
  • Presence of at least one permanent office in France open to the public
  • Upon request, communication of any information on the possibilities of language courses
  • Post-stay report with the participant


Jobs: on site, the organization offers the participant interviews with companies or structures in the chosen destination country. The organization undertakes to offer candidates selectionned interviews corresponding to their profile, which will have been previously determined during the phone evaluation interview (language level and qualifications). If, after the first interview, the participant's application isn't accepted, the organization undertakes to propose at least 2 other interviews. The CEI, meanwhile, organizes as many interviews as necessary, until the candidate is accepted. The organization undertakes to carry out at least one follow-up interview at the latest mid-stay with the participant to ensure the smooth running of his contract.


Internships: the organization communicates to the candidate all the details no later than 10 days before departure.


2. Member of the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain (CCFBG) and the Franco-Irish Chamber of Commerce:

The CEI is also part of the network of member companies of the Chamber of Commerce. In doing so, it is part of a network of skills and expertise recognized on a European and global scale.


3. The Embassy of France in Great Britain:

Finally, the CEI is the only company recommended by the French Embassy in Great Britain on its website.