Focus on Nina who did an internship in England

Her job in a London adventure camp

I was catering assistant in camp during 10 weeks.

Her tasks

Mostly, I served guests, staff members, handle pot wash and clean the dining room for the three shifts (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Her environment

  • I slept in a camp provided with accommodation and meal free of change. Moreover I had a roommate with my own bathroom, that's was realy nice.
  • We had a free restaurant and the food was nice. 
  • I didn't have the wifi in my room, but in the living room, we have an unlimited wifi aera. 


During 10 weeks, I met some spanish, german, australian and of course, english people. I also spoke with 3 french girls in the camp. 

Assessment of her experience

  • During my job, I provided my adaptation, my patience, my organization and my team spirit.

  • At the end of my trip, I visited some cities and villages around the camp, during my free time.

Working in England

When you work in England, you need to be more attentive and concentrated because of the language. I think we work more hours than in France.


When you travel and leave in an other country, you need to be prepare to work a lot, and you have to be open minded and sociable. The CEI found me the camp and answers me to any question very quickly, that's realy confortable.


This trip helped me to grow and to find a lot of thinks about me. It was my expectations, so, I'm very happy !