Discover the Maasaï culture in Tanzania

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Discover the Maasaï culture in Tanzania


The Maasaï culture may seem very different from modern Western cultures. To know more about this culture is one thing... but why not be part of it!

Maasaï are one of the largest tribes in Africa, who do their best to preserve their unique culture. Breeders by tradition, it is still today, through the sale of their cattle products that they are getting just enough income to survive and move on.

Maasaï are also seasoned farmers, and it is interesting to note that some NGOs claim that Maasaï's way of life should be adopted in response to climate change because of their ability to cultivate in deserts and scrublands.


Your volunteering program in Tanzania

You will have the opportunity to explore the Maasaï culture by interacting with locals while participating in the tasks of daily life. Men and women are separated: the men take care of the cattle while the women are involved in milking, cooking, looking for firewood and babysitting.

The founder of the village supports education. You will have to organize activities for children and intervene in English for children in primary school.

Activities are scheduled from Monday morning to Friday evening. For your accommodation, nothing more than what is necessary: you will be welcomed in full board in case of 4 to 8 persons without sanitary in the village.


About Maasaï

As an African group living in the protected areas of Kenya and Tanzania, Maasaï are able to maintain an ancient lifestyle while being an integral part of the Tanzanian economy. The number of Maasaï is estimated at between 300 and 800 000 people in the savannahs of both countries. Warm and welcoming people, you will be presented to the village's chief upon your arrival. Maasaï society lives under a patriarchal mode, and more precisely under the autority of the ancient Maasaï guarantors of traditions and depositories of authority.

Included in the stay
  • Full board
  • Immersion in the Maasaï culture
  • Accommodation
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Dates of stay and organization

This program lasts at least a week, from Sunday to Saturday. Registrations are open all year long.

Unless otherwise stated, participants are free in the evening, no activity is planned. Remember to protect yourself against malaria.

The comfort is basic, the villages don't have running water and the telephone network is very weak.

Registration details


210€ per week + 150€ administrative fee per registration + 23€ annual membership



  • to be over 18 years old
  • to have a personal passport valid 6 months after your return
  • to provide a medical certificate for participants over 65
  • to have a civil liability insurance
Not included in the program
  • international flights costs
  • visa fees*
  • week-end activities
  • medical insurance
  • personal expenses